The Glenshaw Auto Service, Inc Way

The GAS way describes the values, behaviors, principles, and practices that are the foundation of our unique culture.  It explains how we relate to each other, our clients, and even our suppliers.  It is who we are, and it is what drives our extraordinary success.

Do the Right Thing

Integrity is not about convenience.  It is an unwavering commitment to do the right thing in every action we take and in every decision we make.  Even when no one is looking. Make decisions that build strong, trusting relationships.

"Bring it" Every Day

We each have a finite amount of time to work.  Make the most of each day by approaching every task with energy, focus, purpose, and enthusiasm.  Maximize your contribution by making the most effective use of your time.

Check the Ego At the Door

Our own egos and personal agendas must never get in the way of doing what is best for Glenshaw Auto Service.  Don’t take challenge personally or defensively.  Being concerned with who gets credit, who looks good, or who looks bad is counterproductive.  Make sure every decision is based solely on what will best advance Glenshaw Auto’s goals.

Make Quality Personal

At Glenshaw Auto Service we don’t do good we do great.  Take pride in the quality of everything you touch and everything you do.  From the way an autovitals report is created to the way you answer the phone, from the way you interact with customers to the way you interact with co-workers, always ask yourself, “Is this my best work?” Remember that absolutely everything speaks to our clients, and everything you touch has your signature.  Sign in bold ink.

Be Performance Driven

We appreciate effort, but we reward and celebrate results.  Set challenging goals, and then go after them.  Don’t shy away from metrics or accountability.  Numbers are the best tools we have to help us understand how we’re doing and how we can improve our performance.  Holding ourselves accountable for results is a reflection of our commitment to our mission.

Go the Extra Mile

Be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the job…plus a little bit more.  Whether it’s starting early, staying late, or doing something that’s not in your job description it’s the extra mile that separates the average person from the superstar.  Be a superstar.

Continuously Improve Everything You Do

Constantly evaluate and reevaluate every aspect of your job.  Don’t be satisfied with status quo. The most successful people and organizations are in a never-ending pursuit of improvement.

Take Responsibility

Identify what you don’t know and find a way to learn it.  Ask for what you need and take full responsibility for your success.  There’s no room for victims in a high- performance organization.

Strong Processes are the Foundation of Success

From the very first repair on a vehicle to the last customer interaction, our success is based on adherence to best practices developed and honed from years of experience.  Leverage these best practices to generate consistent results.

Honor Commitments

Our customers are counting on us, and we’re counting on each other.  Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it.  If a commitment can’t be fulfilled, notify others early and agree upon a new commitment to be honored.

We're ALL in the Customer Service Business

Every one of us has customers, whether they’re internal or external.  Our most important job is to blow away our customers with extraordinary service. Know what your customers need and expect of you, and then do more.

Demonstrate Passion for Glenshaw Auto Service and Our Mission

Customers call upon us when they’re worried, vulnerable, and often heartsick when their dreams seem to be slipping away.  Listen to and understand their concerns.  People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Bring them the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have a partner on their path to success.  Devote your unbridled energy, enthusiasm, and passion to help us help them turn their dreams into reality.

Listen Generously

Listening is more than simply “not speaking”.  It’s giving our undivided attention to the needs and priorities of others.  Set aside your own judgments and preconceived notions.  Listen with care and with empathy.  Most importantly, listen to understand.

Recognize the Power of Beliefs to Influence Action

Learn to understand the beliefs that clients and associates hold that may be limiting their ability to achieve their goals.  Helping them to let go of these beliefs is often the first step on the road to their dreams.

Speak the Unvarnished Truth

Say exactly what you mean.  Putting a “spin” on what you communicate too often leads to confusion and poor decision-making.  While it’s imperative to be mindful of the way in which our message is delivered, only the unvarnished truth allows us to understand with the clarity necessary for success.

Practice Blameless Problem-Solving

Blame has no place in a high-performance organization.  Fix mistakes by focusing on solutions, not on whose fault it was.  Use these situations to learn, and then apply that knowledge by improving our processes to reduce the likelihood of repeating the same mistake.  Get smarter with every mistake.

Set and Ask for Expectations

We judge situations not by what happens, but by how they compare to what we expected to happen.  Nearly every misunderstanding can be traced to a difference in expectations.  Learn to create mutually understood expectations in every situation.

Embrace Change. Nothing Stays the Same

Change creates energy and excitement.  Be inspired by both the challenges and the possibilities that change brings.  The better and faster we are at adapting to change, the stronger and more successful we become as a company.

Appearance Counts

Your personal appearance makes a strong statement about the pride you take in your performance.  Dress neatly and professionally.  The appearance of our office makes a similar statement about the quality of our work.  Take responsibility to ensure that everything a client sees is clean, neat, and professional.  It’s not someone else’s job.  It’s everyone’s job.

Be Punctual

Be on time for all appointments, phone calls, meetings, and promises.  How you manage time sends a message about how you respect others and how you value your own commitments.

Be a Source for Acknowledgement and Appreciation

Positive feedback is a tremendous energy source.  Regularly give, receive and ask for meaningful (timely, specific, impactful) appreciation and acknowledgment.

Be Quick to Ask and Slow to Judge

There’s always more to the story than you think.  Learn to ask questions and gather the facts before jumping to conclusions and making judgments.  Be curious about what other information might give you a more complete picture.

Glenshaw Auto Service is a Family

We care deeply about and support one another.  This includes our associates, our clients, and our partners.  Look for meaningful opportunities to create personal connections that make a difference.

Keep Things Fun

Laughter is like a lubricant that helps to grease Glenshaw Auto’s gears. When we stop having fun, we lose the passion, energy, and enthusiasm to help people achieve their dreams.  Be light-hearted and smile.  Laugh every day.