Community Involvement

As a family-owned and operated business serving the area for more than 30 years, Glenshaw Auto Service, Inc. prides itself on being an active member in its community and supporting local organizations, education entities, and causes that benefit the lives of those living in our wonderful community. 

In addition to the causes and efforts listed on this page, we pride ourselves on being a good neighbor and participate in various community activities, such as Career Days, Chambers of Commerce events,  Light Up Night and many more. 

If you know a local event, cause or organization that could use a hand, please email us at

Below is a list of initiatives and organizations that we’ve recently partnered with to help them deepen the impact on our communities:

Brakes for Breasts

Brakes for Breasts Staff Photo

Brakes for Breasts is an organization and campaign that unites more than 130 independent auto repair shops across the country during the month of October to support and help fund breast cancer research. Customers receive free brake pads and only pay for the cost of the labor. Lastly, the repair shop then donates 10% of that total to the Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund. 

2019 marked the first year that Glenshaw Auto participated, and we experienced tremendous success.  Owners of more than 75 vehicles participated in the campaign, which helped raise $2,760 for breast cancer awareness and research. Additionally, we would like to thank Professional Parts Incorporated who donated $6,690 in parts for the campaign.

Mars Youth & Home Services Holiday Drive

Image of the Mars Youth & Home Services Holiday Drive Sign

We’re passionate about vehicle maintenance, but we realize that many individuals aren’t. That’s why Glenshaw Auto Service started Cars, Cupcakes, and Cabernet, a series of automotive educational workshops that aim to help individuals learn best practices for car maintenance. We partner with local bakeries and wineries to help provide a relaxed setting. We schedule 2-3 workshops a year, so be sure to look at the schedule for upcoming events.

AW Beattie Career Center

Owner Sam Concelman, a 1983 Beattie graduate, serves on the advisory board of the organization. We also participate annually in a Training Co-Op with students to help prepare them for their first employment. 

In 2019, Sam was given an Award of Distinction for his dedication to helping prepare students to be future contributing members of the community.

Next Step Auto Initiative

The Next Step Auto Initiative was founded in 2019 to help provide transportation support for those in need in the Pittsburgh area. The first vehicle was awarded in 2019 to a local full-time student and his girlfriend.

As part of the organization's mission, it accepts vehicle donations from the public and other organizations and provides them with service and Pennsylvania state inspection, so the recipient is provided a safe, good-conditioned vehicle.

To be considered, the recipient must agree to certain program stipulations, such as carrying valid auto insurance and keeping up to date with the vehicle’s scheduled maintenance.

As the program grows, we will post additional information regarding the application process and the steps necessary for those who would like to donate a vehicle.