Winter has finally arrived in Western Pennsylvania along with extreme temperatures! Ensure your vehicle is protected and equipped to operate in this weather with our top 5 winter tips below.

1. Swap Out and Monitor Tires

When operating a vehicle in the winter, the traction of each tire is important to take into consideration. Two ways to combat potential accidents are to invest in snow tires and check the pressure of each tire weekly. Designed for temperatures under 45 degrees, snow tires are ideal even in the absence of snow. Additionally, it is important to routinely check your tire pressure as one pound of pressure is lost with every 10-degree drop in air temperature.

2. Check Car Battery

Just like the cold weather drains your energy, a vehicle’s battery takes a hit from the low temperatures. Make sure your vehicle’s battery is in good health by having it checked. Also, be sure to keep jumper cables on hand and invest in a battery warmer if the weather is often 32 degrees or below.

3. Keep Your Fuel Tank Half Full

While most of us are not affiliated with the Boy Scouts, “be prepared” is a motto we should all adopt. Applying this to winter vehicle maintenance, it’s important to keep your gas tank half full. This will allow you to stay warm inside your vehicle in case of an emergency, and will even help prevent frozen fuel lines within your vehicle.

4. Add a Protective Layer of Wax

At the beginning of the season, you should apply a coat of polymer wax to your vehicle. This will help create a barrier against harsh elements like road salt, grime, snow, and sleet. However, be sure to give your car a rinse at the end of the season. This will remove all the buildup in hard-to-reach areas including the wheels, wheel wells, and underbody.

5. Protect Your Windshield Wipers

While snow is not an uncommon occurrence in our area, ice tends to be a bigger problem. If you park outdoors, leave the wipers on your vehicle in the raised position. This prevents them from freezing to the windshield. Also, be sure to always opt for an ice scraper, and never use your wipe blades to remove snow, ice, or frost from your windshield!

If you would like assistance with getting your vehicle ready for the winter, be sure to call 412-487-9902 to make an appointment!