With the effects of inflation and the recent surge in gas prices, there’s no doubt that individuals and families are searching every angle to help stretch the value of their dollar. We’ve heard this concern from a lot of our customers in the past few weeks, and we thought we’d put together a brief list of strategies that are sure to help you save at the pump.

  1. Properly inflate your tires – Ensure your tires are filled to their manufacturer’s recommended PSI. Underinflated tires wear down their tread more quickly, which forces you to buy new tires. Overinflating your tires can lead to lower miles per gallon (MPG).
  2. Ease into acceleration – Driving with a ‘lead foot’ might get you to your destination more quickly, but it’ll also expedite how quickly you need to refill your tank.
  3. Perform ‘Spring Cleaning’ in your vehicle – All of the bags and items in your trunk add weight to your vehicle, which means it’ll require more gas use. Add ‘declutter the vehicle’ to your to-do list to help the gas in your tank (literally) go farther.
  4. Get aligned – Investing to ensure your vehicle’s tires are properly aligned. Not only will this increase the overall performance of your vehicle, but experts believe a misalignment could decrease your gas mileage by up to 10%. Think of how much that 10% could cost you over the course of a year.
  5. Service your vehicle – Be mindful of any dashboard warning lights, and keep an eye on any issues that might hinder the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Putting off minor maintenance can lead to reaching deep into your pockets later.
  6. Plan before you drive – If there are several routes to your destination, keep the number of hills in mind. Additionally, if you’re fortunate enough to have the choice of which vehicle to drive, be mindful of each vehicle’s gas mileage.
  7. Think about how you use your AC – Hey, we love it when the weather is nice in Pittsburgh, so we’re not telling you to roll up your windows and crank the AC. We’re just letting you know that many experts believe using your AC actually uses less fuel than rolling down your windows.

We understand that every dollar is getting squeezed a little tighter right now, so if you have any questions about ways to get more out of your vehicle, give us a call at 412-487-9902 or schedule an appointment online at https://glenshawauto.com/.