From continued education to increased job opportunities, our society has come a long way in equipping women with the knowledge to navigate life successfully. However, in the pursuit of these higher goals, the development of other skills can be easily overlooked. Desiring to contribute towards empowering women, Glenshaw Auto Service is hosting a Cars and Cabernet: Ladies Night.


Date & Time: Tuesday, May 9th | 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: 1400 Mount Royal Boulevard, Glenshaw, PA 15116

Registration Limit: 20

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We are passionate about empowering women with knowledge and creating new opportunities for independence and informed decision-making. The goal of the upcoming educational event, Cars and Cabernet: Ladies Night, is to provide women with information on the mechanics of a vehicle and increase their understanding of car maintenance.

The upcoming Cars and Cabernet: Ladies Night will address a series of practical topics. These topics include the components of a vehicle, what dashboard warning lights indicate, and how to utilize the safety features found in newer cars. Combining education with enjoyment, Porchvue Winery will also be in attendance. Porchvue Winery will provide a FREE glass of cabernet and an opportunity to taste and purchase other wine varieties.

The need for a practical understanding of vehicles is more evident than ever — not just among females but males as well. In 2016, NBC News reported that only 42.2% of Americans felt comfortable changing a tire and 26% with changing the oil. Even more notable is that 41% of Americans cannot recognize a car’s engine, according to a 2018 article by the New York Post. However, while society’s general understanding of vehicles appears low, women and their knowledge of cars is of particular concern.

In 2020, the New York Post returned to the subject of women and their vehicle knowledge. In their article, “How women combat sexist stereotypes about car knowledge,” they highlighted a survey by Continental Tire. This study found that 69% of women lacked significant experience and could not change a tire without instructions. However, while the seemingly obvious solution to this situation would be to contact a mechanic, past studies have shown that women are vulnerable to exploitation. In 2017, Forbes reported on a study revealing that women were more likely than men to be overcharged for a service when admitting they had no context for the repair.

If you desire to increase your independence through knowledge of vehicle maintenance, or find yourself searching for a “ladies night near me,” RSVP for our FREE event! Registration is limited to 20 attendees. 

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