Let’s face it, we know for some people scheduling a car appointment can be about as enjoyable as scheduling a visit to the dentist. 

During your appointment, most customers feel like they're trapped in a small waiting room. They continuously check the time on their phone, while being forced to watch (or at least listen to) Judge Judy, Divorce Court and Jerry Springer.

Cue up the old infomercial catch phrase, “THERE’S GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY!”

With Glenshaw Auto Service, there is!

Glenshaw Auto Service offers a Courtesy Car service, allowing you to continue living your life,  while our experienced staff works on your vehicle.

Yes - you read that correctly. Being a family-owned and operated business for 30+ years, Glenshaw Auto Service values customer service above everything. We understand that you have a busy schedule. You can’t afford to be stuck in a waiting room for hours. You have errands to run, kids to drop off at practice and other appointments you need to attend. It’s always our goal that your visit will come with the least amount of disruption possible to your daily life (whether that’s our courtesy car or our shuttle service).

If you’re looking for an auto service center that puts your needs first, we challenge you to expect more. We invite you to experience the Glenshaw Auto Service difference.

Give Matt or Kylie a call at 412-487-9902. 

*The Glenshaw Courtesy Car is subject to availability. You can visit our Courtesy Car Service page to learn more about this offering.

PS – Now that we’re thinking about it, technically you could request the Glenshaw Auto Service Courtesy car to drive home and watch Judge Judy, Divorce Court and Jerry Springer from the comfort of your living room.