Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light – Glenshaw Auto Service

You’re driving along, singing to the radio, and everything’s fine and dandy.

All of a sudden there it is … the orange glow of the check engine light (CEL). What do you do now?

Do you drive straight home? Pull over? Check something? Panic?!

Unlike your Maintenance light, which is set to come on at specific intervals, the check engine light or malfunction indicator light will only come on when the vehicles computer detects an issue.

While there are literally dozens of reasons your check engine light may be triggered, there’s typically no need to panic.

There are a few of things to keep in mind when your check engine light comes on.

Most importantly, don’t ignore it! The best thing to help avoid a costly repair is to have it diagnosed and repaired right away. This doesn’t mean pull over and have it towed, it just needs to be repaired at your earliest convenience.

Don’t have it turned off. Do not disconnect the battery. Don’t go to the nearest part store and ask them to shut it off. The reason for this is when your check engine light comes on the vehicles computer stores the data that may have caused the light to come on. This helps the technician diagnose the problem quicker thus saving you money in the diagnostic process.

Lastly, if your check engine light begins to flash, it is usually an indication that more damage can be done by continuing to drive it without repairing the issue.

Along with the many services offered, the Glenshaw Auto Service, Inc. team can scan your vehicle’s check engine light and pinpoint the exact issue behind the  illumination.  Our honest service team will have the issue identified and fixed, and have you out in no time.

If your “Check Engine” light is on, especially if it has been on for a while, please GET IT CHECKED!  To schedule your service appointment give us a call at 412-487-9902 or schedule an appointment online today!