Since 2019, Glenshaw Auto Service (GAS) has honored Breast Cancer Awareness Month through its participation in Brakes for Breasts, an initiative bringing independent repair facilities together to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research.

Here’s how it works…

Throughout the month of October, GAS provides brake pads and brake shoes free of charge to our customers (all they have to pay for is the labor on the service and any additional parts necessary). Then, we donate 10% of the revenue from these additional services to the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund

As the only participating independent repair facility in the Pittsburgh area, GAS is looking to build on its impact from previous years: 

  • Raised/donated more than $16,000
  • Serviced 380 customers/customer vehicles

“We’ve seen a tremendous outpouring of support from our local community,” said owner Sam Concelman. “Unfortunately, you don’t have to look too far to find someone close to you who has been affected by breast cancer. Participating in this program is truly a win-win-win for continued research, our community, and our organization. ” 

In an effort to increase its donations, GAS is taking its fundraising efforts one step further. All first-time customers (in October) can ask that GAS take 10% of their total ticket and donate it to the cause. 

To make all of this possible, Professional Parts Inc. (PPI) has continued to donate all the brake pads and brake shoes. Combining our 2019 and 2020 campaigns, PPI donated more than $12,600 in parts.

GAS welcomes all current and new customers to participate in the Brakes for Breasts program, so give us a call at 412-487-9902 or stop by our location at 1400 Mt. Royal Boulevard, in Glenshaw, PA 15116.

About Brakes for Breasts: Brakes for Breasts is an organization that unites the hands of Independent Auto Repair Shops during the month of October. The participating Repair Shop provides their customers with free brake pads and the customer simply pays for the labor and any other parts that may be needed. The shop then donates 10% of that total to the Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund. Our industry stands united to put the Brakes on Breast Cancer! 

About Glenshaw Auto Service: Glenshaw Auto Service is a family-owned and operated auto repair shop located on Mt. Royal Boulevard in Shaler Township, just 10 minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh that has served the community for more than 30 years.