Has this ever happened to you… You slide your key into the ignition, turn it and your dashboard illuminates like a Christmas tree? If you notice your Check Engine, ABS, Traction, or any other light is on, it’s an opportunity to let you know to safely drive to an auto mechanic to have the issue diagnosed.

At Glenshaw Auto Service, we charge a nominal fee to properly diagnose the real issue within your vehicle’s subsystems. your vehicle’s issues. In the long run, providing a proper diagnostic review of your vehicle will help you save time and money because it gets fixes the issue the first time.

There are several parts shops that will provide a “free” diagnostic test, but approach them with caution. Oftentimes, they are unqualified to genuinely understand the issue on the vehicle, leaving you spending substantially more money on addressing the actual issue, because they use a “shotgun approach” to hoping to fix your issue.

If you notice that one or more of your dashboard lights are illuminated, give us a call at 412-487-9902 to schedule an appointment.