This post will kick off a series of articles called “Does My Car Really Need….” The goal of this series is to explain the value of common maintenance and repair services. Each article will include information about the service, its benefits to your vehicle, and recommended mileage intervals for the service.

Future articles with cover topics such as:

  • Filters (cabin, engine, fuel, transmission)
  • Fluids
  • Timing components
  • Suspension items (shocks & struts)
  • Headlight restoration

Today we will discuss the benefits of regular fuel and air induction cleaning.

What does a fuel or air induction cleaning service do?

A fuel service cleans fuel injectors and the throttle body. It also cleans the plenum and air intake as well as the intake valves and ports. The fuel/air induction cleaning service removes combustion chamber deposits and corrects balance of fuel and air in the system.

Why does a car need a fuel or air induction cleaning service?

Carbon deposits bake onto the piston crowns, combustion chamber, injector nozzles, intake and exhaust valves and the throttle body. This can cause rough idle, hard starting, poor fuel economy, and other drivability issues.

How often should a fuel or air induction cleaning service be performed?

The mileage interval varies greatly on a fuel/air induction cleaning service. For some, direct injection motors manufacturers are recommending this as often as every few oil changes. For the most accurate recommendation, it is best to consult your owner’s manual for the exact interval for your make and model of vehicle.